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In addition to his consulting duties with La Jolla Science Applications, Inc., Dr. Ronald Loui is an active American scholar and engineer working at the interface of artificial intelligence and philosophy. In his work he uses computation to propose new models for logic, decision, and games. He is primarily an innovator, mathematical modeler, polemicist, and consummate gawk programmer. He is best known on the internet as the first person to write in detail about the superiority of scripting languages ("Why GAWK for AI?", ACM SIGPLAN, 1995). His doctoral dissertation (Rochester, 1987) is regarded as the first attempt at a Mathematics of Argument (compare Toulmin, Rescher, Pollock, Nute, Doyle, Reiter, Simari, Vreeswijk, Prakken-Sartor, etc.). The work has been most useful in AI and Law but also animates work on uncertainty reasoning, knowledge representation, discourse interpretation, and planning. A mathematical account of argument based on defeasible reasons (which might also be called reason-based logic, deliberative logic, or logic of judgement) provides foundations for policy reasoning, legal reasoning, analogical and case-based reasoning, the use of vague terms and open - textured predication, practical reasoning, heuristic decision-making under uncertainty, constructive decision-making, certain kinds of statistical inference, non-monotonic reasoning, dialectical deliberation, so-called "informal logic," discourse models of negotiation and mixed-initiative planning, and the semantics of Prolog-like languages.
Ronald Loui's undergraduate dissertation (Harvard, 1982), on Optimal Stochastic Paths, won the ACM Forsythe Award and continues to have impact on communications and robotics. He is currently working on a significant national security project with collaborators in computer networking and data-mining, and is co-patentor of a content-based internet firewall.

Ronald P. Loui is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, where he started after a year as a Sloan Cognitive Science Fellow (Stanford, 1988).

Harvard. B.A. m.c.l. June 1982. Applied Mathematics (decision & control).
University of Rochester. M.S. October 1985. Computer Science.
University of Rochester. Ph.D. September 1987. Computer Science and Philosophy.

Jonathan is an expert in managing the A-Z process of commercializing technology and an active board member of La Jolla Science Applications, Inc.  He has PE & VC experience in telecom and other technology sectors.  Prior to his involvement with La Jolla Science he was instrumental in the formation and funding of several companies. Jonathan funded and led a team who built the world's first coherent optical link. He funded and led a team of 100 scientists, engineers and technicians who designed, developed and build a 93 Gbit/sec, bi-directional (over a single fiber) laser transceiver. He has won several awards and his companies have been featured in major media. Jonathan began his career as an engineer with American Edwards Laboratories working on cardio-vascular catheters, heart valves, and infusion pumps. Jonathan continues to be involved with numerous companies on a broad variety of issues and remains active on advisory boards. He holds a BS in Information Systems.


Dr. Mona Yousry, through LJSAI, works with The Beyster Institute, UCSD, Rady School of Management to train Middle East Entrepreneurs via the Middle East Entrepreneur Training Program (MEET). Dr. Yousry is the best strategist around when it comes to identifying technical commercialization possibilities. She is actively involved with Athena, a non-profit that raises funds for the 2008 Pinnacle Awards. Dr. Yousry consults with numerous companies, solving various technical challenges including energy, laser transceivers, non-invasive medical devices, wireless sensor networks, on-line games, and advanced composite aircraft. Prior to La Jolla Science, Mona was Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors for Sempra Technology and SVP for Sempra Energy, the holding company for San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas. Before Sempra she was a VP for Ameritech where she was responsible for managing wholesale operations, the start-up of multiple businesses and product management. Prior to joining Ameritech Mona was the General Manager of AT&T Consumer Communication Services where she was responsible for 40 million long distance customers. As Director of Strategy Development, AT&T Corporate she was invited by the Prime Minister of Egypt to give a speech covering privacy rights and intellectual property. Preceding her move to AT&T Corporate she spent 10 years as a Researcher at AT&T Bell Labs.

Mona holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics / Statistics, an M.S. in Math and an M.S. in Statistics and a B.S. in Mathematics; all from The Ohio State University.

Mona has drafted a book proposal entitled, "For Charity's Sake," which is about the surrounding issues of Stem Cells. All proceeds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

William A. Bartling-Consultant--LJSAI
Bill Bartling is a world recognized leader with over 20 years experience focused on commercialization, market positioning and operations optimization in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals. His experience working with Fortune 100 Energy Companies including Chevron and Halliburton make him a recognized expert in a variety of petroleum related areas from advanced analytical geological and geophysical methods and technology commercialization to creating global virtual teams using advanced visual emersion technologies. Bill specializes in adapting technologies from non oil and gas industries and universities to the oil and gas commercial market. Bill has published over 40 papers and is a presenter, lecturer, radio and T.V. personality. 

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