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Strategies -
Our consultants have unique abilities to see events that can enhance your organization. See for yourself, call today and contact us for an appointment.

Regulatory Success - Corporate Prep
Analyze data and present findings using our unique perspective. Ever wonder how a politician running for office seems to always have a ready answer on their tongue?   Are your executives as prepared to answer consumer whims as they should be?   We can help. You'll be surprised at what you discover.

Respond dynamically to changing market forces by re-inventing technology, in-house or outsourced, giving you the ability to control costs and meet the needs of your marketplace.

Optimize Technology Investments-
Let us evaluate and transform technology -- and the processes that support it -- to help meet your business goals. Using technology acquisitions and transfer we will help you leverage more from less.


· Telecommunications

· Energy
· Biotechnology / Medicine
· Nanotechnology
· Wireless Sensor Systems
· Systems Integration
· Advanced Wireless Solutions
· Superformance Computing
· Green Technologies